• Science Fiction and Popular Culture Final Project

    Pick one of the following projects and complete it for your final project.  EACH PROJECT IS MADE UP OF A PRESENTATION.  This project counts as 20% of your grade.  You can be as creative as you’d like.  Google slides, PowerPoint, posters, Google docs, pen and paper, tri-folds, etc.  Please have your creativity approved by Mrs. Pampalone.   IT IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED THAT YOU WORK ON THIS PROJECT OUTSIDE OF CLASS TO ENSURE YOUR SUCCEESS. J   

    You will have the following class days to work on it:

    Monday, May 21, Wednesday, May 23, Friday, May 25, Wednesday, May 30

    You will be presenting in class on the following days:

    Wednesday, June 6, Friday, June 8

    OPTION #1: Watch the trailer to the new movie READY PLAYER ONE.  Create a world based on a decade that incorporates various aspects of pop culture during the decade.  YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THE DECADE APPROVED BY MRS. PAMPALONE (JUST TO MAKE SURE DECADES ARE NOT DOUBLED UP FROM YOUR PREVIOUS PROJECT).  Create a society that people can escape into.  What and where is your ‘Decade Oasis’?  You are the creator of the ‘Decade Oasis’.  Research your decade and truly SHOW what people would be ‘escaping’ into as they enter your ‘Decade Oasis’.  See attached paper for specific list of topics to include.  If you have other topics you’d like to include they must be approved by Mrs. Pampalone.

    OPTION #2:  Create a separate character from STAR WARS and incorporate them into any part of the story plots.  You must give a detailed back story of the character.  Discuss how they are going to fit into the storyline and how they alter the story.  For example, instead of just Luke and Lia, there was a third child.  Create a detailed bio of the new character including a detailed back-story which includes their abilities, character flaws, how they relate to the other characters, a motive as to why or how they would change the story.  Give a detailed part of the story that the character enters into and the potential conflict it causes.  Explains how this affects the story and rewrite that part of the story. 

    OPTION #3:  Read ROLLING STONES 40 BEST SCIENCE FICTION TV SHOWS OF ALL TIMES LIST.  Pick a TV show, watch the trailer and read the summary.  Now imagine you have become the writer of this TV show.  Write a summary explaining how it fits into the science fiction genre.  Does it have everything that science fiction needs?  Is it missing anything?  What would you add?  What would you leave out?  Even though you’ve only seen just a clip of the show, you HAVE to make these decisions and you have a deadline to write this summary.  It is your responsibility to decide if this show should be on a science fiction television station.  The bosses of the company are in a panic because they are being forced to shut down and fire people…you’re next if you can’t make a case to keep this TV show.  Your assignment is to write a review for 10 shows.  Completing this task will mean that the company stays open and you get a promotion!

    OPTION #4:  Research pop culture EPIC fails from the past.  Find ten fails to create a dystopia, (THESE FASHION FAILS WILL RUN THE DYSTOPIA).  You are the ruler of your dystopia.  1) Summarize the setting of your dystopia.  2) Develop a Constitution with laws and consequences.  3) Explain how citizens are expected to conform, modes of control, and other characteristics how the fashion failures control the society. There are a handful of unruly teenagers in your society.  They got a hold of some ‘truths’ and found out that their fashion is actually EPIC failures.  4) Write the speech to your society to attempt to regain what little control you have left.

    OPTION #5: Grand Champion of GOOD vs. EVIL (MARVEL vs DC) Pick 8 comic book characters.  You must have four good characters and four evil characters.  Attached to this paper is an ‘8 Team Single Elimination Game Sheet’.  Fill out the sheet with your comic book characters.  Use both Marvel and DC comic book characters.  There will be the ELITE 8 Round, the FINAL 4 Round, the Championship Matchup Round, and the Grand Championship Round.  Your responsibility is to explain 1) Who is competing by supplying a short bio of each comic book character, 2) Describe the battle with details of each match 3)Tell us who won.  Was it good or evil?  What does that tell us about society? 

    OPTION #6: If you have another idea for a project, please write up a proposal and meet with Mrs. Pampalone as soon as possible for approval.  Take a minute to think back throughout the year.  What was the one unit you wanted to spend one more day on?  What was the one thing you wanted to focus just one more lesson on?  J