• DCC Accounting - Period 5   DCC Accounting 101/102 - Click the link to go directly to the DCC Google Classroom.


    It's about the money!




    The primary purpose of this course is to enable students to analyze, recrod, classify, summarize and interpret accounting data.  Topics include:  The accounting equation; statements and reports prepared according to generally accepted principles; the accounting cycle; deferrals and accruals; the accounting system and internal controls; the measurement and control of cas, receivables, inventories, plant assts including intagible assets and natural resources.  In this class, a variety of teaching methods will be used, including chapter lectures, problem-solving (homework & in class), class discussion, practical applications of text material.  Understanding the basic principles of accounting is very important and students are encourage to ask questions at any time to ensure material presented is completely understood.  This course is paced as a college level course.


    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional maner at all times.  Professionalism incudes respect, cooperation with and patience for their fellow students along with thier teacher.


    80% for test and quizzes (Final 20%)

    10% for Homework

    10% for Class Paticipation 

    Materials:  We will be using the on-line textbook Fianancial Accounting 8th Edition, Tools for Business Decision Making.  Access will be given to the WileyPlus on-line platform.

    Homework:  Homework is expected to be neat and completed.  If it proves difficult, it must at least be attempted.  All homework is reveiwed in class.