• Supplies
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions:
    Pencil and pocket folder
    Lesson Book 
    Rehearsal music
    Stands, tuners and metronomes are a great idea as well.
    If your child plays clarinet or alto saxophone, please make sure they have extra reeds (a box is a good idea- 2.5 strength).  Also, a 'tube' of cork grease and a swab.
    Oboists and bassoonists should also have at least one extra reed (at least 2 working reeds) at all times, a swab, and a small container for water to soak their reed.
    Flutists, please get a small piece of cloth (apx. 4" X 12") to use as a 'swab'. (A piece of old T-shirt is fine)
    Brass players (trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium) should have a wash cloth in their case.  Please be sure you have valve oil and slide oil/grease.
    Percussion: Sticks, Mallets- to be replaced if necessary