• Monday:
    Reminder: Complete readings "Story of an Hour," Story of an Hour "Lady with the Dog" "The Lady with the Pet Dog" and "Where are you Going, Where have you been" by Thursday's class (February 7th)
    Next Week readings due for Wednesday: "A Wagner Matinee""A Wagner Matinee"- Willa Cather pg. 78,  and "Araby""Araby"- James Joyce pg. 85
    Introductions to each piece/class notes.
    Wednesday and Thursday:
    Oates Analysis
    Read Chapter 9 pg. 1347
    Discuss one theory and apply some of its elements to an assigned reading.
    **In journals- go through "The Lady with the Pet Dog" as it is arranged in 4 sections. Look at each section and bullet out in note form TEXTUAL evidence with pg. #, a reference to Gurov's feelings towards women.
    **When you are finished gathering textual evidence for each part, make a determination on his overall feelings towards women and if these feelings have changed or remained the same. Discuss his emotional state at the story's conclusion.
    OR Go through each section and look at ONE :seasonal symbolism/sexual vampirism/stereotypes of gender.
    **Identify the location with TEXTUAL evidence and page #'s.
    **Discuss the overall progression of your chosen critical analysis lens through sections 1-4.