• Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign

    What does the 21st century classroom look like? A simple answer - Starbucks. If student motivation and higher engagement is truly the desired end game, then we as teachers must adapt right along with our students in our classrooms. Why do many classrooms look the same now as they did 70 years ago? The students I share my classroom with don't know life without constant connectivity, wi-fi, and a global audience. 

    Parents ask - what happens next year with my child's teacher? 
    My response is - I can never base what happens in my classroom this year on what next year's teacher may or may not do. If it's best practice for my kids, I do it now. My classroom is student-centered, not teacher-centered. 
    Here is what we do with the seating.  
    Discuss and go over seating. 

    Students need to try out all the different ways. For now, they need to choose one spot and stay there all day. 

    * Try out one new seat a day. 

    * You cannot choose the same spot two days in a row. You have to try a new spot each day. 

    Rules to follow:

    * Is this the best place for me to learn?

    * Am I being safe?

    * Be responsible (take something out, put it back, choose a good spot, responsible to learn) 

    * Be respectful (don't destroy things, write on them, cut them, pick at the mat) 

    *Teacher reserves the right to choose a spot for you and put you in a spot