• STATED CLEARLY offers awesome videos on BIOLOGY topics.  (Hint:  I've used

    several of these in class!!!!).  So, click on this link (DEFINITELY) to review genetics and evolution 

    (which are often a big part of the regents -- remember the Beaks of Finches Lab???  Charles Darwin???)

    That was a NYS required lab!  Which means you'll DEFINITELY see questions about it on the

    Regents exam!!!  So check out these videos!!!!


    Stated Clearly Videos 

    Be sure to click on the link above!!!

    Click on the link below to be redirected to Hank Green's CRASH COURSE BIOLOGY VIDEOS!
    They're very helpful - and very concise...
    You don't have to view all 40+ videos -- just watch the ones which are specific to content (curriculum)
    with which you're feeling a bit "uncomfy"!!!!
    Hank explains things well!
    Click on this!
    Sabrina gives us CRASH COURSE KIDS -- which breaks down many difficult topics and words them
    so that they are easy to understand.  Click "Subscribe" and check out the Life Science videos.
    Check it out here:
    AND - Click on the following link to review 10 important facts necessary to pass the Bio Regents!
    (P.S. - water IS polar... but it is ALSO INORGANIC!  A water molecule only contains Hydrogen.
    To be ORGANIC, the molecule must have Hydrogen AND Carbon!!!)
    This video explains cell structure (prokaryotes and eukaryotes)
    Living Vs. Non-Living (STRANGER-C)