>Planners will be signed nightly by a parent/guardian. Please feel free to write a note in the planner, as they will be checked daily. 

    >Students will be required to read each night and fill in their reading logs. A parent/guardian will sign the reading log. 

    >A math practice packet will be sent home each Monday night. It will review the skills and concepts taught in math class the week prior. It will contain a cover sheet indicating that it is the weekly practice. It does not need to be returned to school.

    *This packet will be a good indicator of how well your child is retaining the information taught to him/her. If he/she seems to be having difficulty, please note this on the packet and have it returned to school for me to check. I will take the time to review with him/her.


    >There will periodically be a Science or Social Studies assignment sent home that will need to be completed.  

    >Studying for tests should occur when necessary. The date of a test will be indicated in your child’s planner. 


    **Please note that work not finished in class may be sent home to be completed for homework as well. I will mark it with “Finish and Return.” **