• Italian 2 Syllabus- code-L323
    Teacher- Signora Zitz   896-6700 ext. 30016
    Topics:  Students have already encountered these topics in Junior High school and have a certain familiarity with them.  This year, however, we will expand and explore these themes in greater depth.  Special emphasis will be placed on more complex grammatical structure that will lead to an increased ability to communicate competently in Italian. 
     - preliminary topic 
    - geography
    - personal identification / dates / days / months 
    - education / university / activities in school
    - descriptions of people / clothing / preferred activities
    -  daily activities / meals & food / seasons & weather
    - family & relatives / family parties / house hold chores
    - house & home / furniture & objects / activities 
    We will also enrich and  enhance our knowledge of vocabulary, unique linguistic expressions and cultural mannerism.  Listening and speaking will be the most important part of each class session, as well as relevant readings and individualized writing assignments.
    Prerequisite:  Must have passed Italian 8, Italian 1 or the equivalent
    Assessment:  A department final exam will be administered in June.  The final exam counts as 20% of the final course average.  Passing this course meets the minimum graduation requirement in foreign language.
    Course objectives:
    Students will learn greetings and introductions, how to exchange personal information, numbers, how to describe themselves, their families and others, how to describe campus buildings and facilities, how to describe everyday activities, how to identify and describe articles of clothing, how to talk about food and eating habits, how to tell time and talk about the weather.  Students will learn about the Italian university system, Italian fashion and eating habits and the Italian geography. 
    Grammatical Structures:
    - noun/adjective agreement
    -definite and indefinite articles
    - prepositions, simple and complex
    -present tense of regular verbs
    - common irregular verbs and their uses
    - possessive adjectives
    - piacere
    - passato prossimo
    -direct and indirect object pronouns
    - adverbs
    -reflexive verbs
    For information: For a complete review of the NYS Learning Standards for Languages Other Than English (LOTE), see: