• Italian 2 / 3 Syllabus 
    Teacher- Signora Zitz   896-6700 ext. 30016
    Themes:  Students have already encountered these topics in junior high school and have a certain familiarity with them.  This year, however, we will expand and explore these themes in greater depth.  Special emphasis will be placed on more complex grammatical structures and vocabulary that will lead to an increased ability to communicate competently in Italian. 
    Personal & Public Identities
    Families & Communities
    Contemporary Life
    - Beauty & Aesthetics & the Arts
    We will also enrich and enhance our knowledge of vocabulary, unique linguistic expressions, and cultural mannerisms.  Listening and speaking will be the most important part of each class session, as well as relevant readings and individualized writing assignments.
    Prerequisite for level 2: Must have passed Italian 8, Italian 1, or the equivalent
    Prerequisite for level 3- must have passed Italian 2 
    Assessments: Level 2- a final exam will be administered
                           Level 3 - All students will take the local NYS Regents exam in June. Students must pass this course and the exam in order to qualify for an Advanced Regents Diploma.  If a student fails the exam but passes the class, he/she must retake the exam.
    Areas Of Study: These courses prepare students for NYS Education Department's Checkpoint B proficiency. Topics, functions, and situations remain the same at all levels but are approached in a broader and deeper manner.  Expanding vocabulary and an increasing understanding of more complicated verb forms and grammatical concepts allow the students to communicate more effectively and understand the Italian Language in authentic situations.