• Prerequisite
    Must have passed Italian 2 or the equivalent
    All students in this course take the local NYS Regents exam in the foreign language in June.  The Regents exam is also the final exam for the course, which counts as 20% of the final course average.  Students must pass this course and the exam in order to qualify for an Advanced Regents Diploma. If a student fails the exam, but passes the class, he must retake the exam.
    Areas of Study: This is the final course preparing students for NYS Education Department's Checkpoint B proficiency (the Regents exam).  Topics, functions and situations remain the same as in the previous levels, but are approached in a broader and deeper manner.  Expanding vocabulary and an increasing understanding of more complicated verb forms and grammatical concepts allow the students to communicate more effectively and understand the Italian language in authentic situations.
    - review level 2 material
    - house and home
    -childhood / educational experiences 
    -important life events
    -future plans(travel)
    -future career
    *Note: For each topic, students will also be exposed to assorted multimedia presentations, e.g. listening comprehension, video presentations, music and etc. 
    Grammatical Structures:
    - review of structures covered in Italian 2
    -present progressive
    -reflexive and reciprocal verbs
    -comparatives and superlatives
    -impersonal expressions
    -relative pronouns
    -trapassato prossimo
    -negative expressions
    For Information:  For a complete review of the NYS Learning Standards for Languages Other Than English (LOTE), see: