• Italian 1,2&3 (grading)
    quizzes (25%)  Tests / home projects (25%)
    -given periodically
    -there might be unannounced quizzes
    -they are typically not multiple choice 
    -they are on grammar and vocabulary
    -there will be a test given at the end of each topic (skills-based -reading, writing, listening & speaking)
    -projects are considered test grades if completed at home
    compositions - will be done in class
    While working on compositions, and other essays - it is always and still - expected that all students work with diligence and honesty at all times.  Although there are numerous sources available online for translation, YOU MAY NOT use them to convert your thoughts into Italian.  Use of these programs - which use others' words and linguistic terms - is the same as plagiarism!
    Assignments online & in class ( all work done in class and at home or online) (25%)
    -there will be some homework given
    -it will always be either checked the next day, collected, or checked online
    -missed homework is always accepted late, within the time frame of that topic, worth 50%
    As approved "dictionary" sources that you are encouraged to consult for vocabulary and phrases is www.wordreference.com, but you MAY NOT have entire sentences or paragraphs translated with such help.  If there is ever a question about the "authenticity" of your material, disciplinary action will be taken.  
    -informal questions asked on a daily basis to random students
    -paying attention
    -students volunteering to come to the board
    -active participant
    -attendance (lateness - bathroom use)
    -classroom activities
    -following directions
    -classroom projects 
    Speaking / participation:  (25%)
    -dialogues (informal, formal )
    -speak to me in an informal setting 2 times a week on any topic
     - asking and responding to questions 
    -speaking activities online
    Cheating :  Students will receive a zero on any quiz or test
                                Students will receive a zero on any homework or composition when google translator is used.