•  Italian 1,2 & 3 (expectations and discipline plan)
    Expectations  : 
    It is expected that each student be fully and personally responsible for the following:
    - Completing all assigned work with maximum effort
    - Asking questions whenever and however many times is necessary if you do not understand  
    - Keeping necessary notes and materials
    - informing parents of test scores and other important aspects of work required
    -immediately contacting me for any and all problems
    In order to guarantee all the students in my classroom the excellent educational climate they deserve,  I will not tolerate any student disrupting me from teaching or another student from learning. Therefore, in my classroom I am utilizing the following discipline plan:
    Discipline plan:
    Be on time
    All phones are to be turned off and put away, unless told otherwise 
    Be in your seat ready to work with all necessary materials when the bell rings
    Be polite, kind and respectful to everyone
    Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
    Be prepared and participate
    If a student chooses to break a rule:
    1st consequence: discuss problem
    2nd consequence: call or email home
    3rd consequence: detention referral
    Severe disruption: send immediately to administrator.  
    During virtual learning:
    All students need to join google classroom every day. 
    Participate and be involved