Advisor: Ms. Herasimtschuk 
                                                 Location: Room 197 (new science wing) 
                                                 Available days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Fridays by appointment)
    Welcome to the "Learning Center" where peer tutors from John Jay's Honor Societies are matched with students seeking extra help in specific content areas (Math, Science, Foreign Language, Social Sciences and Language Arts). 
    Our Mission is simple; helping the students at John Jay reach their highest academic potential in a friendly, cooperative setting among peers.
    Please email me at Florence.herasimtschuk@wcsdny.org to volunteer as a tutor or to request a tutor and complete the "appropriate" application (links below); include the specific subject you wish to tutor or wish to be tutored, along with the days you are available.   
      Click on this link for Learning Center Club Charter and Additional Information:
    Applications for Tutoring:  Application to become a Tutor
    Applications to Receive Tutoring:  Application for Requesting a tutor