• Some general statistics on the 2016 Physics Regents exam: 
    Freedman statistics:
    92.2% of Freedman students passed the exam.
    41% of Freedman students earned a mastery score of 85% or above (53.3% of honors students and 23.8% of regents students)
    Freedman High score = 98% 
    JJHS high score = 98%
    RCK high score = 99% 
    Average Scores and Stats
    Freedman Average = 81.6%
    JJHS average = 80.6%
    RCK average = 81.1% 
    Freedman Honors Physics average = 86.1%
    Freedman Regents physics average = 74.7% 
    JJHS high score = 98%
    RCK high score = 99%
    JJHS passing rate = 108/117 = 92.3%
    RCK passing rate =  80/89 = 89.9%
    JJHS mastery rate = T.B.D.
    RCK mastery rate = T.B.D. 
    Median Scores 
    Freedman overall median = 83% 
    Freedman Honors Median = 89%
    Freedman Regents Median = 74 %
    JJHS Median = 82%
    RCK median = 81%
    Overall thoughts. It looks like scores are pretty consistent across the district and consistent with last year, although perhaps about a couple of % lower than last year. This isn't a surprise, since (a) the multiple choice section seemed just a little bit harder than in past years, and (b) the curve this year was 1-2% lower than last year. The free response section seemed quite reasonable. 
    I expect to learn more about the scores across other districts in the Hudson Valley once fall arrives. However, based on past years' results, I expect that WCSD scores will be among the highest in the region. We have great students!