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    Greetings My Dear 6th Graders,  

         Welcome to Team V.   I hope that you and your families are healthy, safe and well, and that you are all managing smoothly during this very unique time in our lives.  Stay positive and strong!

       On Thursday, September 10th, we will begin our school year via remote learning. I will be teaching live lessons everyday using Google Meets. I will also be uploading assignments in my Google Classroom for you to work on independently.   Hopefully you all now feel comfortable utilizing technology to receive instruction and submit your work electronically.

       Join MY Google Classsrooms (for math and science lessons)...

           Mrs. Humphreys' Homeroom ~ use code   xzs3ykg

           Mr. Jensen's Homeroom ~ use code     guwvzuh


     Join Mr. Jensen's Google Classroom(for ELA and social studies lessons)... 

          Mrs. Humphreys' Homeroom ~ use code 3ukm6a2 

          Mr. Jensen's Homeroom ~ use code ls7ai7y


     I plan to use Google Meets to provide a daily lesson .  It is mandatory for all students to attend.  A link for joining meetings will be posted on GC.  

    Here is Mrs. Humphreys' homeroom's daily schedule:

      8:30 - 8:45  Attendance, Positivity Project  (* All students must log on to my Google Meets at this time.)

      8:45 - 9:45  Math/Science Live Lesson with Mrs. Humphreys

      9:55 - 10:55 ELA/Social Studies Live Lesson with Mr. Jensen

      12:00 - 12:45  SPECIALS  (join each special class using the codes below)

         Days 1 & 4  PE  [code ~ cc6amlf ]

         Days 2 & 5  Art [code ~  5wfqyot ]

         Day 3 Library  [code ~ sqxr6uo]

         Day 6 Music [code ~ fqg766v ... Mrs. Hershman also sent each student an email with this information. ]

     *Orchestra - Days 3 & 6  @ 2:25-3:00

       * Band  -   Days 2 & 4  @ 2:25-3:00  [code m5sufhi]
      *Chorus - Days 1 & 5 @ 2:25-3:00

        1:00 - 1:45 ~ I will be available LIVE for extra guidance/ small group review/check-in  (as needed) 


     Here is how we will proceed....

       1) Assigning work:  I will be uploading both math and science assignments into GC. I promise not to overload you, so please don't feel stressed if you see many tasks in the classroom.  I will provide instructions and due dates for all assignments, so don't feel like you have to complete everything at once.  Some assignments will actually span several days.  

    *The expectation is that you devote 60 minutes of your learning time each day, to work on the math and science lessons assigned.  Do your best, and reach out with any questions or concerns. 

       2) Completing work: There are a few ways that you will complete your assignments.

    1. a) You may be asked to make a copy of a Google Document provided, and you will type right on the page. 
    2. b) You may be required to write notes/information in your science journal or complete math problems in your math journal.
    3. c) You may have to complete an online activity or assessment, and the results will be sent to me.

       3) Submitting work:   When you complete an assigned task, please follow the instructions for that assignment to let me know you successfully completed it.  You may be asked to.....

    1. a) Attach your work and submit it in GC . DON'T click "Share it" to submit work.
    2. b) Mark it done in GC
    3. c) Send a comment to me in GC, indicating what you learned.
    4. d) Complete a Google Form as an assessment

       This is a very challenging experience for all of us.  I am trying hard to learn new ways to use technology, in hopes to make your learning experience fun and manageable.  

    Finally, per district recommendation, in an effort to keep track of your "attendance" and work completion, I will keep a daily check-in list.  All students will be required to respond to a check-in task daily!  Thus, please visit my Math/Science Google Classroom every day.             


        On a final note, our team will be able to communicate with parents via the REMIND app.  Please have your parents join REMIND for Team V by entering the class code @c69fk2g .  This app will be for parents/guardians ONLY.                                                               

         Stay safe and well!   I hope to see you soon!

            Best regards always,

             Mrs. Humphreys

                                                               motivational-quotes-for-students-success-05 – We, the Millennials!


    Please go to your Math/Science Google Classroom.

        Look at the tabs on top.  Click on "Classwork"  not "Stream" to see the assignments posted.  



              Image result for student working at desk clipart      Image result for student working at desk clipart

                       Be well!!  See you soon!    













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