• Math Course Syllabus

      Course Description: 


    • Areas of study

         During the year, we will be studying many different areas of mathematics according to the Common Core State Standards. These areas include: Ratio & Unit Rates, Arithmetic Operations, Rational Numbers, Expressions and Equations, Area, Surface Area, & Volume, and Statistics. For more information on the Common Core State Standards, please visit the following web site:

    • wappingersschools.org  (Go to District Offices, Curriculum and Instruction, and then Common Core Standards)
    • Our textbook is Math in Focus and all students will have online access. This is great if you have computer access at home as you won’t have to bring your math textbook home. More information will be sent home with specific user names and  passwords.


    Classroom expectations and procedures/activities

    • Daily Lesson

    Each class period includes a “Do Now”, which is a quick, daily review. Homework from the previous night is checked and discussed, with a quick question and answer session. This is followed by the daily lesson and station activities. Usually time is given to begin homework so any questions may be addressed before leaving the classroom.

    • Extra Help

    Extra help can be given to students who seek me out during study hall time. Students with computer access may log on at home to the online textbook for a computer tutorial program. As there are many children on the team, students need to learn to take the initiative to ask for extra help. Parents can always write me a note in the planner or email any concerns.

    • Homework

    Homework is given on most nights.  It is checked for quality, effort and understanding. Homework is viewed as an opportunity to see if students can do on their own what was learned and practiced in class. Homework must be written neatly into your planner daily. Parents can check for accuracy on Mrs. Humphreys' website (see Wappingersschools.org)

            Homework must:

    • Be done in pencil

    • Show all work and steps involved (NO ANSWERS ONLY!!!!)

    • Be neat and well-organized

    • Be complete (do all assigned problems)


    Quality homework must be turned in on the day and time that it is due. Any missing, incomplete or poorly done homework will only receive partial credit . If students are not fully prepared, they will have their planner stamped “Homework Not Completed.”   Not only will this remind the students to make up the assignment, but it will also alert their parents to the missing/incomplete work.  


    Studies have shown that students who fail math are usually the ones that do not do their homework on a consistent basis.


    • Weekly Warm-Up

      Weekly Warm-Ups are graded review sheets that are given to students on Mondays and are due on Thursdays. This graded assignment reviews and keeps fresh in their minds what we are learning in class/ have learned. Students are allowed to use their notes, textbooks and ask for extra-help on this assignment.