We Can Dream- (NJHS Song)

  • "We Can Dream"  

    Music and lyrics by pinkzebra

    Below is a link to a piano/vocal track.  You can use this to sing along with the lyrics. 

    "We Can Dream" Piano version with vocals

    This song was composed by a famous music producer who is using the pseudonym "pinkzebra"  instead of his real name.  Here are the lyrics to the song.   


    "We Can Dream"

    What’s your story?

    What’s your plan?

    Where you goin’ to?

    Where do you stand?

    In this moment, take a chance.

    Feel the light shine down.

    Live your life out loud.

    You can dance. 


    Hear the laughter, in the air.

    Let your voice be heard, if you dare.

    Take the high road, in your dreams.

    Let the world see how, life could be right now.

    Come with me.


    One step towards the edge

    What will happen next?

    Every moment tells the story of our lives.



    What would happen, if we try?

    Could we spread our wings, and learn to fly?

    And together, we could see

    That the world is ours.

    We can shine like stars.


    We can dream-------    Oh………

    We can dream-----------     Ooooo-------

    We can dream-------    Oh------

    We can----dream.