• This page will allow you to keep up with the chapter or skill that our class is currently working on.


    Fundations:  Unit 11

    • Vowel-consonant-e syllable in one-syllable words
    • Long vowel sounds
    • Narrative fiction vs. informational books
    • Reading with accuracy and prosody
    • Sample words:  stove, hope, caves
    • Trick words:  friend, other, another, none, nothing

    Reading:  Dramatizing characters and deepening our comprehension in reading clubs

    • Partners read and reread, paying attention to what characters are thinking and feeling, and use smooth storytelling voices to bring out characters' thoughts and feelings
    • Readers, like actors and directors, find the important moments in stories and talk and think more deeply about them
    • Readers pay attention to patterns and predict and understand characters, and we share our discoveries to grow our understandings
    • Readers read and reread more challenging books with our book clubs

    Writing:  Writing reviews/persuasive

    Math:  Chapter 13 - Addition and Subtraction to 40

    • Addition without regrouping
    • Addition with regrouping
    • Subtracting without regrouping
    • Subtraction with regrouping
    • Adding three numbers
    • Real-world problems

    Science:  Living vs. non-living things

    Social Studies:  Our Community