"Our school is implementing a program called i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction that will provide our students with an innovative diagnostic assessment and engaging instruction.  The focus of this online program is reading and math.  i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction helps teachers to effectively asses their students and then provide individualized instruction based on each student's unique needs."
    "Once your child completes the test, he or she will be assigned online instruction to support his or her progress in mastering each skill.  The online instruction is designed to be both challenging and engaging.  i-Ready delivers instruction using engaging, contemporary animation; the lessons are also interactive.  The result is an experience that attracts and holds your child's interest while also teaching important skills and concepts.  These lessons are proven to help students grow academically." 
    In ELA AIS we will be using  i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction throughout the year.  Students will use computers in the class to complete activities based on their ability levels.  Mrs. Pampalone has provided every student with earbuds.  They are labeled and put in plastic bags.  At the end of the year, each student can take these earbuds home.  
    Using the activities and lessons from i-Ready will be a part of the class participation.  As always, a positive attitude will go a long way with this fun, interactive program.