• Lily Pads

    Students who exhibit good character, follow the expectations or show positive behavior are acknowledged with a Lily Pad.
     lily pad

    At the end of each month, each class that has earned the minimum number of Lily Pads for the month will be able to participate in a fun activity such as:

              • PJ’s and a movie party
              • Play a game with their “buddy class”
              • Double recess one day
              • 30 minutes of  “class choice” time
              • Dance Party


    Table of the Week

    In the cafeteria, classes can earn 5 lily pads each day. The class that earns the most lily pads each week, gains the title of "Table of the Week." Our "Table of the Week" class gets to have lunch (in their classroom) and recess with the Principal or other special guest. They also get to proudly display our giant fork award for that week.