• This page is to sign out the Vassar Road iPad cart for instruction. The iPad cart is housed in

    Rm 2 (Mrs. Wexler)

    Please read instructions below before using the link.
     You will only be able to sign up for current week and following week on the spreadsheet. Please make every effort work with your colleagues to alternate days of use and not to excessively block out extended days.   We hope to increase the number of carts available as time goes on on.  Until then, it can be uncomfortable to address when a colleague is not sharing a resource.  Thank you.


    IPads can only be signed out for one day. Every iPad must be returned to the cart and plugged in to charge every night.  



    • Click the below to go to the current sign out form. You will need to sign in with your WCSD Gmail to access it.



    March 2020 Sign-up 

    • To choose DAY to sign up, click on the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to go to that day.


    • To sign up, type your last name in the correct time column. If your time does not match hourly columns, add the start/end time after your name.


    • Copy that information into each row for the number of ipads you need.  If you need the whole cart, make sure that rows 1-30 all have your name in them.

    • If you need a specific number (i.e. iPad 30), make sure you sign up for that number row.

    • To see a model of how to sign out iPads, click on the EXAMPLE tab at bottom of spreadsheet.