• November 4, 2019

          Day: 4


    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    November has arrived!  It is hard to believe we have been in school for two months now!  This month we will be very busy! You will be receiving your child’s first quarter report card at your scheduled parent/teacher conference later this month.  We will be sending home reminders of the date and time you signed up for. If you were unable to sign up for a conference back in September, your child’s teacher will contact you to set one up.

    This week in Kindergarten we will be working on the letters “Rr” and “Pp”.  There will be homework on both letters. In class we will work on the correct formation.  We will also work on the sight words: “so”, “we” and “in.”

    This week in reading we will be reading our old favorites as well as new read alouds.  We will discuss characters, setting and the events of a story. We will also practice sounding out words as we read our emergent readers.  

    In writing we will continue to work on Show and Tell writing, emphasizing the point that writing is a way to show and tell.  The children will continue to write across their pages adding more details/drawings to each page. They will try to stretch out, or sound out words for labels and sentences.  We will also be focusing on returning to our writing to add more.

    In math we will continue to work on numbers 6-10.  We will practice counting using 1:1 correspondence and we will practice correct formation.  There will be math homework as well this week.

    In science we will be finishing up our unit on normal and severe weather.  In social studies we will be discussing Election Day and what it means to vote for something.

    We will be learning about the color brown this week.  We will wear the color brown on Thursday and bring a brown show and tell on Friday. 

     On November 13th, the children will be attending a Field Trip to Marist College.  Permission slips were due last Friday. Chaperones for each class have been selected and those parents will be contacted separately.

    Below is a list of important dates for this month.  Let’s have another great month in Kindergarten!


    The Kindergarten Teachers


    *No school tomorrow November 5th

    *Field Trip Wednesday, November 13th

    *Half days for parent/teacher conferences:

    *November 20th, November 21st,November 22nd

    *November 26th-Disney Day 

    Wear your favorite Disney themed t-shirt, gear, or ears!  No costumes please.

    *No school November 27th-29th