This course is for students with an interest in sports, entertainment, and event marketing.  Students will learn all aspects of marketing with a concentration on sports and entertainment.  We will also cover many other areas that will help students understand the ways of the business world.

    Course Materials:

    Text: Sports & Entertainment Marketing by Lois Schneider Farese, David Grossman, and Gordon Nicholson.  Publisher is Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2005.


    Classwork                       30%

    Quizzes                           20%

    Projects/Papers                40%

    Class Participation             10%


    Classwork-Assignments in class are expected to submitted, or will be checked at the end of class.  In some cases they may be extended to homework assignments.

    Homework-Most homework assignments will be due two days after they are assigned.  This gives students opportunities to complete the assignments even when they have other coursework and obligations.  In the business world there are deadlines which cannot be extended.  Thus, late submissions will see grades on those assignments reduced significantly.

    Quizzes-Will focus on small areas of learning.  Adequate time will be given to study for all quizzes.

    Projects/Papers- This class involves a high percentage of both projects and papers. Projects will help students to understand and create projects much like they would in the world of sports and entertainment marketing. Papers are expected to be typed and professional.  This includes proper grammar, punctuation and proper writing style.

    Participation-Participation in class is expected on a daily basis.   Class Participation will be factored at 20% of their grade.  This is intended to create an inclusive atmosphere where all students are involved.  Students are expected to ask questions, answer questions, and participate in class discussions. 



    ·        What is Marketing

    ·        Economics of Marketing

    ·        History of Sports and Entertainment Marketing

    ·        Similarities and differences in Marketing

    ·        The Sports Market

    ·        Categories of Sports

    ·        Sports Companies

    ·        Sports Products

    ·        Product design

    ·        Pricing

    ·        Market research

    ·        Branding

    ·        Licensing

    ·        Promotion

    ·        Planning

    ·        Advertising

    ·        Sales

    ·        Public relations

    ·        The Marketing Plan

    ·        Sports Marketing Careers

    ·        Entertainment and Marketing

    ·        Types of Entertainment Businesses

    ·        Media Product Marketing

    ·        Branding and Entertainment

    ·        Price Decisions

    ·        Targeting Entertainment Markets

    ·        Research methods

    ·        Entertainment Outlets and Venues

    ·        Images and Licensing

    ·        Promotional Mix

    ·        Careers in Entertainment Marketing




    1-Students are expected to attend class on an everyday basis.  Participation is graded at 20% in this class.  Students are expected to ask questions, answer questions, and participate in class discussions.  This is vital to be successful in this class.

    2-Students are expected to be prepared with the proper materials needed for class.

    3-Students are expected to be on time and ready to go when the bell rings to start class.

    4-Assignments must be handed in on time.  Late submissions will result in a decrease in grade in accordance with the time frame of the late submission.

    5-If you are absent YOU are responsible for ALL missed work.

    6-Cell phones, electronic devices, ear buds, and head phones should not be seen during class. 

    7-Proper conduct is expected to be followed at all times in class.

    8-Students should discuss with me any issues on a one on one basis.  This includes extra help or any questions on the expectations of the class.


    I am looking forward to an exciting school year!

    Mr. Sommerlad