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    Our team believes that students succeed when parents, students and teachers work together. 

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    *Remember that the best way to contact us is by e‑mail or writing a note in your child's planner.

    Did you know that... 

    • We'd like for you to check & sign your child's planner and homework daily. Ask to see all the completed assignments and check it against what is written in the planner/website to be sure it is all finished. Your signature indicates that you have seen the completed work.
    • Do not refuse to sign the planner if the work is not done or you are experiencing a problem with your child. Instead, sign and write a brief note to us explaining what the problem is and we will be able to work with you to solve it. This is better than not signing as then we think you are not checking or aware of homework problems.
    • All assignments are posted in the classrooms every day, and should be copied into the planner. There should not be any “blank” boxes. If there is no homework, students are to write “none”. You can double check the homework on the teacher’s websites at: wappingersschools.org.
    • If you see "Missing Homework" stamped in the planner, this means that the assignment was not in class when we checked it (perhaps left at home or it was not done) or not up to standards. We ask for your help in ensuring your child makes up the missing assignment (or finds the completed copy that was missing/left at home) and turning it in for a late grade.
    • It is okay to help your child with homework and to study for tests and quizzes. In fact, most students need supervision.
    • Most test and quiz grades must be signed regardless of the grade ... our way of keeping you informed.
    • Staying organized and time management are the hardest transitions into sixth grade and changing classes.
    • Helping your child organize binders and folders on a regular basis, would be a tremendous help. Most students will need help to organize their binders and homework folder. They should eventually do this on their own.
    • Your child should not accumulate a ton of papers in their homework/planner folders. They should be placed into the proper sections of their binders... or-
    • Keep a box at home to collect “old” worksheets, etc... instead of throwing them out (just in case!).
    • If your child is really struggling with the current organization recommendations, please tell us so we can come up with other solutions~ we’re flexible!
    • Students are responsible for all missed work due to absence ‑this includes instrumental classes/lessons and chorus.
    • When a student is absent, we have a classmate collect and organize their work. You can email the teachers and pick up work or have it sent home with a sibling or neighbor. Work may be picked up by the main office at the end of the school day.
    • As per district policy, teachers are not supposed to provide advanced classwork and homework for planned unexcused absences (ex: vacation).
    • If you write a note in the planner, tell your child that he/she is responsible to make sure we see the note at the beginning of class. If you don't see a response, that means that we were not shown the note. Only homeroom teachers check planners daily (sometimes not until the end of the day) so other teachers won’t know there’s a note to them unless your child shows it to them.

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