• Successful readers use a number of tools to help them understand texts. One of the most effective and powerful reading tools that parents and teachers can help children develop is sight word recognition. When a child is able to grasp and identify sight words s/he is well on her/his way to becoming a thriving reader.  Sight words are critical to reading not only because they are used so frequently, but also because many of them cannot easily be sounded out.


    When students have automatic recognition of sight words/high frequency words, the short term memory is not overloaded and is freed to focus on comprehension of what is going on in the story.



    List A: 

    the, I, to, a, is, my, go, me, like, on, in, so, we, it, and, up, at, see, he, do, you, an, can, no, am


    List B:

    went, are, this, look, for, get, come, got, play, was, had, they, will, too, all, be, as, ball, by, day, did, has, her, him, fun


    List C:

    eat, sat, if, read, jump, run, man, she, or, sit, not, then, mom, his, out, say, now, us, of, yes, put, saw, ran, girl, how


    List D:

    when, back, your, I’m, about, because, from, very, than, could, away, have, them, make, came, any, big, into, been, there, after, were, who, mother, just