• Geometry  


    Areas of Study Include:

    Module 1 - Congrence, Proofs and Constructions

    Module 2 - Similarity Proof and Trigonometry

    Module 3 - Extending to Three Dimensions

    Module 4 - Connecting Algebra and Geometry through Coordinates

    Module 5 - Circles with and without Coordinates


    Common Core Geometry

    • Teacher: Mrs Kourtney Cabello                                             Teacher: Mrs Noreen Loprinzo

      Contact #: 845-897-6700 ext:30073                                     Contact #: 845-897-6700 ext: 30090

      Email: kourtney.cabello@wcsdny.org                                     Email: noreen.loprinzo@wcsdny.org


      Course Objectives: Each day we will work together as a learning community to explore new topics in math.

      Our daily work will build on the previous day’s efforts and contribute to a continually growing collection of math skills. The goal is to prepare each student for both the end of the year state/local assessment and future math courses.

       Daily Supplies Needed:

      1. 3-ring binder with sections for handouts and homework (There will be a lot of handouts)
      2. GRAPH PAPER Spiral Notebook for notes
      3. pocket folder with holes to clip into your binder. (This is for Regents Test Materials we will accumulate throughout the year)
      4. Graphing calculator !!!
      5. Compass and Straight-Edge/Ruler
      6. Pens, pencils, notes, and completed assignments.

       Google Classroom: Google Classroom will utilized as both a tool for instruction and organization of some notes and handouts. Students are expected to sign into Google Classroom for this course and check it on a daily basis for assignments, announcements, and handouts (Students can set up their Classroom account so that it automatically notifies them if an assignment or announcement are added by the teacher).

       Attendance/Tardiness: Students are expected to attend class every day. If a student knows he/she will be absent then he/she should tell the teacher ahead of time. Students are responsible for getting and completing missed work, tests, quizzes, and notes. Students should be in their seats with the appropriate daily supplies out by the time the bell rings for the start of class. lf a student is late to class more than 3 times appropriate administrative consequences will follow.

       Behavior: Each student is expected to create and participate in a respectful, productive, calm, and positive learning environment. Any behavioral disruptions to the communal learning environment will not be tolerated and appropriate consequences will follow.

       Homework: Homework will be assigned every night and must be brought to class the next day completed. These assignments will often be checked for completion. Any checked assignments will contribute to the student’s grade point average. Some homework assignments may be worth 2-5 points, and others, with notice provided to the student, may be worth as many as 50 points. Some homework will be collected as quiz grades- this may be both announced and unannounced. Late homework will not be accepted without proof of legal absence.

       Quizzes: Quizzes will be given at least once a week and will be worth between 5 and 30 points each. There may be unannounced pop quizzes.

       Tests: Tests will always be announced 2 or more days in advance and will be worth between 30 and 100 points each. If a student is absent on a test day then the student is expected to take the exam on the day they return to school.

      Class Participation and Behavior: Students are expected to behave appropriately and participate at least once a day during class. A student should raise his or her hand to ask questions or contribute to class discussions. The teacher may also randomly call on students to contribute to the class lesson. There may be a 10-20 point “quiz” grade put into the grade book at the end of every quarter that reflects the student’s class participation/behavior level.

      Computing Grade Point Averages: Parents and Students can email a request for   an updated GPA at any time during the quarter. A student can determine his or her approximate average at any time by first adding up all of the points he or she has accumulated in that quarter. Then one should take that point total and divide by the sum of the total points offered that quarter. The resulting number is the student’s average as a percent.

      Extra Help: A student should seek extra help immediately if they feel that he/she is falling behind. The teacher is available for help throughout the school day during her free periods as well as after school. Students must make an appointment with the teacher in order to stay for extra help.


    For information on grading, please visit Mrs. Cabello's website  wappingersschools.org/Page/20986