• Math Supply List


    Remote Learning

    • Computer Access, Monday - Friday

    • Quiet Space to Attend Class

    • Notebook to record notes and work

    • Pencils

    • Scientific Calculator (Recommended - We will be using a calculator throughout the year in class. While online students may use computer and phone applications, however when we return to the classroom those applications will not be available to the students in the classroom.)


    Hybrid Learning

    Depending upon when we are be returning to in person classes at WJHS and what the protocol will be for personal belongings and supplies, the list at the bottom of this page may be altered

    • Binder with dividers (may be shared with other core subjects)

    • Pencils – enough to last the year

    • Loose leaf paper - enough to last the year

    • Scientific Calculator (Calculators MAY be available for student use in class daily (we are still unsure about shared materials).  The calculators used in class include the TI-34II and the TI-34 Multiview)

    • Pencil case with 3 holes that clips into a binder

    • Earbuds/Headphones that can be used in class (students may carry them in their binder or store them in their lockers)



    Wish List

    Any donations of the following would be greatly appreciated!

    • Box of Tissues
    • Disinfectant wipes or spray
    • Pencils