• 7th Grade Chorus 
    • The 7th Grade Chorus meets on days 1,3,5 throughout the school year during Period 9 
    • All students are expected to attend rehearsals during the school day and to participate in two evening concerts during the school year. 
    We will be learning and using skills in singing, sight-reading and music literacy.
    Although Chorus is a fun educational activity, much responsibility is required.
     You will be expected to follow the chorus rules. 

    Chorus  Rules 

    • Be respectful and polite to one another.
    • Please do not interrupt or call out during the lesson. 
    • Keep your eyes on Ms. Eckert at all times.
    • Please do not talk while we are working. 
    • Always use your best singing voice. 
    • Attend all rehearsals and concerts 
    •  No food, drink or gum is allowed in the auditorium. Please help to keep your performance space clean and tidy. Any garbage should be thrown into the garbage bins in the front of the auditorium. 
    • All cell phones and electronic devices are to be put away and be out of sight during rehearsal. They are not allowed. 
    Concert Dates for 2018-2019
     These are our concert dates for the school year.
     Please check your calendar reserve those dates!
    Winter Concert 
    The 7th Grade Winter Concert will be held on
    Tuesday December 18th at 7pm in the auditorium at
    Wappingers Jr. High School. Students are to report to the gymnasium no later than 6:30 pm for attendance, warmups and lineup for concert. 
     Spring Concert  
    The Spring Choral North Pyramid Concert will be held on
    May 14th at 7pm at Roy C Ketcham High School (Bove Theatre/Auditorium).
    We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Concert. 
    What to WEAR at concerts???

    Concert Attire

    Girls:  Blouse (any color), dress pants (black or dark black) or skirt.  Skirt should be to at least the knee. Nice dress; It can be any color. White and black combinations are always ok but not mandatory. Please no t-straps unless worn with a jacket; No graphic t-shirts. Dress shoes. Please no jeans or sneakers.

    Guys:  Long sleeve or short sleeve button down shirt. Jackets can be worn but not mandatory. Ties are optional but are greatly encouraged.  Dress pants (dark colors encouraged, but khakis would be ok). Dress shoes. Please no jeans or sneakers. White and black combinations are always ok but not mandatory.

    I am looking forward to having a fantastic year with you. With everyone's support and hard work, we will create a wonderful chorus in which we can take great pride!