• Elementary Art Syllabus


    Course Description

    Students attend art class two times in a six day cycle. This course follows the district’s sequential curriculum which runs from Kindergarten to High School. This is a required course of study at the elementary level. At all levels, students will be introduced to a wide variety of historical artwork and cultures to ensure a better knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for this field of study.


    Class expectations and procedures:

           All students are expected to try their best and have fun! That being said, safety is of the utmost importance in my room. In order to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for each student, there are three basic rules for the Art Room. Students are to be Respectful, Responsible, and Safe at all times.


    Recommended/required materials for class:

               The District provides all required materials for completion of this class. It is recommended that students come prepared for art with a smock to protect their clothing.  Please do not purchase a specific smock as an old t-shirt works perfectly.


    Grading Procedures:

             The art grade represents a composite of the student’s achievement and performance in daily assignments and assessments. The grade may be derived from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and observations. These can include the student’s demonstration of criteria-based skills and techniques in artwork according to each specific lesson. Each lesson is accompanied by a set of questions pertaining to the information covered in class for grading.


    Teacher Contact Information:

    Email: Katelynn.saunders@wcsdny.org