• The following is the nightly Math homework posted in the classroom for children to copy into their planners.

    Be sure to monitor that homework is: complete, in pencil, all work has been shown (no answers only in math please!), and that you've signed the planner. I rarely give homework over the weekend...rest and relax!
    Thank you~  
    ***Weekly Warm Up #17 due 3/11
    March 10th:
    March 9th:
    *Word problem ws
    March 6th:
    *Finish classwork if needed
    March 5th:
    March 4th:
    *Equation review ws
    March 3rd:
    *Mult/Div Equation ws
    March 2nd:
    *Addition/Subtraction Equation ws
    Feb. 28th:
    *Sign Test
    Feb. 27th:
    Feb. 26th:
    *Review for Test ws
    Feb. 25th:
    *Simplify ws
    Feb. 24th:
    *Word Problems #1ws
    Feb. 21st:
    *Finish classwork if needed (Algebraic Expression ws)
    *Sign quiz
    Feb. 20th:
    *Homework ws
    Feb. 19th:
    *Distributive Prop ws
    Feb. 18th:
    *Quiz tomorrow
    *Review & 7.3 ws
    Feb 14th:
    Feb 13th:
    *Review HW ws
    Feb 12th:
    *Simplifying Expressions ws
    Feb 11th:
    *Lesson 7.2 ws
    Feb 10th:
    *Evaluating Algebraic Expressions ws
    Feb 7th:
    *Finish classwork if needed
    *Sign WWU14
    Feb. 6th:
    *Algebraic Expressions ws
    *Sign Test
    Feb 5th:
    Order of Operations ws
    Feb 4th:
    Feb. 3rd:
    *Finish review ws
    Jan 31st:
    *Finish Create-A-Design & Tax ws
    Jan 30th:
    *Word Problem ws #2
    Jan 29th:
    *Percent word problem ws
    Jan. 28th:
    *Additional Practice ws evens (show work in journal)
    Jan. 27th:
    *Find the Percent ws
    Jan 24th:
    *Finish classwork if needed (Find the total ws)
    Jan 23rd:
    *Sign WWU#13
    *Find the part ws
    Jan 22nd:
    *Proportion ws
    Jan 21st:
    *Finish classwork if needed
    Jan 17th:
    *Finish Flex Practice ws
    Jan 16th:
    *Sign WWU#12
    *Changing to % ws
    Jan 15th:
    *Percents ws
    Jan 14th:
    *Sign Test
    *Model Percents ws
    Jan 13th:
    *Pretest ws
    Jan 10th:
    Jan 9th:
    *Sign WWU#11a
    *Chapter 5 Review ws
    Jan 8th:
    *#18 & 19 ws
    Jan 7th:
    *Rate word problem ws
    Jan 6:
    *Parking Lot ws
    Jan 3rd:
    *Finish Classwork if needed (Rates/Unit rates ws)
    Jan 2nd:
    *Starbucks ws
    Dec 20th:
    *No HW over Winter Break!
    Dec. 19th:
    *Speed ws
    Rates/Unit Rates Tables ws
    Dec. 16th:
    *Sign Test
    *Unit Rates ws
    Dec. 13th:
    Dec. 12th:
    *Quick Check ws ODDS only
    *Sign WWU#10
    Dec. 11th:
    *Practice Test
    Dec. 10th:
    *Practice Test due Thurs
    *Ratio Word Problem ws
    Dec. 9th:
    *Sign Quiz
    Dec 6th:
    *Finish Ratio Word Problem ws #2 if needed
    Dec. 5th:
    *Ratio Word Problem ws
    *Sign WWU#9
    Dec. 4th:
    Dec. 3rd:
    *Ratio review ws
    Nov. 26th:
    Nov. 25th:
    *Equivalent Ratio ws #2
    Nov. 22nd:
    *Finish classwork if needed (Equivalent Ratio ws)
    Nov. 21st:
    *Sign WWU#8 *Finish classwork
    Nov. 20th:
    *Ratio ws
    Nov. 19th:
    *Ratio HW #1
    Nov. 18th:
    *Sign Test
    *Conversion ws
    Nov. 15th:
    *Finish classwork if needed
    *Coordinate Plane picture due Monday
    Nov. 14th:
    *Sign WWU#7
    *Finish "Flipped Classroom" ws if needed
    *Coordinate Plane Picture due date extended until Monday
    Nov. 13th:
    *Review ws
    *Coordinate Plane Picture due Fri.
    Nov. 12th:
    *Graph the Polygon ws
    *Coordinate Plane Picture due Fri.
    Nov. 8th:
    *None! (although be sure to be working on WWU#7)