Welcome to Team 6! 
     I've been teaching 6th grade for over 25 years and I love it! I just love this grade and the age of my students. I am thrilled to be teaching at Fishkill Plains and it really feels like a home away from home. Since sometimes we see each other more often than our actual families, we need to keep it positive and supportive in our classroom even when dealing with challenges. I am a no "drama" type of teacher and encourage students to talk things out even when it's awkward.
    This year I will be teaching Math to all of the sixth graders. Effort and work ethic is important to me. Anyone is capable of growing in any area of life when you push yourself.
    I live in Red Hook with my husband, two boys, Tyler who is 18 and Tucker who is 14, and two cats. I love walking and try to go each night, even in the winter. I also love to read. You will often see me with a cup of coffee and I do enjoy dark chocolate... a lot!
    Now for the part that could be a bit upsetting. I am a Red Sox fan. And- heads up-  I will try to convert all of my new students. 

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