• Hello Families of 1st Graders! 
    As many of you know I am an avid user of technology and I incorporate technology into my lessons as the children have told you. Recently, we started using Google Classroom. Here is some more information about Google Classroom.
    Google Classroom can be accessed on a computer (follow link below). It can also be access on any mobile device. There is an app you can download for your child. Instructions can be found by clicking the link below. 
    I am going to sprinkle in assignments and activities for the children to complete on Google Classroom. To access Google Classroom please do the following:
    1. Sign in
    Student Access is
             First name.last name@k12.wcsdny.org
             Password - Child First name (with capital) and student id number - (Example - Andrew1001123)
             Please be sure to put the correct log in info (including the period between first name and last name) *Remember, no spaces.
         2. Once logged in, click go to classroom.
         3. Click on Nikola at the top.
         4. Then click the current assignment.
         5. Click Open on the current assignment. If there is a sample assignment I have included, you can open it up to share with your child. 
         6.  Have your child complete the assignment by typing and answering. Then you can hit Turn in at the top of Google Docs. 
    **Please note that I am not worried about perfect spelling, grammar etc... The most important thing is they do their best in using what they have learned to sound out words, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation. Please do not correct it for them. Have the try to sound the words out using what they know. 
    Any questions, please let me know!