• Six Shifts in ELA/Literacy

    1. Balancing Informational and Literary Text

    2. Building Knowledge in the Disciplines

    3. Staircase of Complexity

    4. Text-Based Answers

    5. Writing From Sources

    6. Academic Vocabulary

    What does this mean for students:

    1. students need to build knowledge from text rather than the teacher or activities

    2. students need to have evidence based conversations about what they read

    3. teachers need to be patient and give more time to allow students to analyze text themselves

    4. students need to build vocabulary authentically through text as well as direct instruction from the teacher

    What some research is telling us:

    • “Academic Learning Time (ALT) is the amount of time students are successfully engaged in academic tasks at the appropriate level of difficulty.  There is some indication that ALT occurs, on average, for only a small percentage of the day (i.e., about 20% of allocated time or 50 minutes per day) in many classrooms (Fisher et al., 1978)” (Archer and Hughes, 2011).
    • “…it is when students are both engaged and successful that they learn the most…you can make learning more efficient for students by minimizing and correcting these errors as soon as they occur.  High success rates are positively correlated with increased learning outcomes… (Berliner, 1980)” (Archer and Hughes, 2011).

    What we can do:

    • Clear presentations
    • Dynamic modeling of skills and strategies, this includes exemplar models of what we are looking for
    • Provide good scaffolds, student checklists and/or rubrics
    • Supported practice
    • Active student participation
    • Careful monitoring
    • Provide immediate corrective feedback
    • Provide students with choices when appropriate

    How I can help:

    • Model instruction
    • Observe instruction and offer feedback
    • Work with students
    • Attend a grade level or team meeting to discuss lesson planning
    • Provide resources
    • Speak at a Department Meeting on a particular topic of interest to teachers