Gayhead Elementary School


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Strive for 25! Strive for 25!

We will be continuing

The Gayhead Elementary 25 Book Club for the 2015-2016 school year!


  • Developed by Gayhead SLT and supported by our PTA, it’s a school-wide reading incentive program that encourages students to read the equivalent of 25 books (or more) during the school year (100% participation is strongly encouraged)

  • The program’s goals include:

    • developing and increasing literacy independence of the students

    • building fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary


  • Students receive a check on the classroom’s 25 Book Club Chart upon completion of a book (evidenced by a reader response, etc.)

  • As students progress towards goal, they earn teacher-initiated incentives (teachers determine types and timing of)

  • When students achieve the goal of reading 25 books, they will receive a 25 Book Club pencil (supplied by SLT) and their name on the wall outside the library


  • Teachers may use the grade-level guidelines to define what counts as a ‘book’. Teachers should encourage students to read a variety of literary genres

  • Teachers record class performance on the 25 Book Club chart, distribute incentives to students as they progress, and report 25 Book Club progress to the school librarian

School Leadership Team (SLT)

  • SLT developed the grade-level guidelines to define what counts as a ‘book’

  • SLT supplies teachers with:

    • 25 Book Club chart – should be received with this flyer

    • 25 Book Club pencils – will be available after September and distributed during class library time