• FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.
    How can I contact you?
    If at any time during the school year you need to talk to me, please call the main office at (845) 227-1770. 
    If you call when the children are in the room, please leave a message and phone number and I will return 
    your call as soon as possible. You can also e-mail me at: lindsey.wessels@wcsdny.org

    Do the children have a snack time?

    Students will have a snack time each day at approximately 2:30. Please send in a nutritious snack with your child each day. 

    When are specials?

    For the 2017-2018 School Year

    Art: Days 1,4 9:25-10:05
    Music: Days 2,5 9:25-10:05
    Physical Education: Days 3,6 9:25-10:05
    Library: Day 2 12:55-1:35
    Computer: Day 5 12:55-1:30

    When are library books due?

    Library books are due on day 2 when we have library. However if your child finishes his/her book before our library
    day and would like to return it earlier, it is possible for your child to return his/her book earlier and get a new book.

    Can I send in birthday party invitations with my child?

    Please do not send invitations to school unless you have one for everyone, or all of the boys, or all of the girls.

    Do I need to fix and return all of my child's work that has mistakes?

    You are free to have your child fix mistakes on his/her work at home. However, work does not need to be fixed 
    and returned to school unless it says "Please fix and return" on it, or "Please finish and return."