• Living Vs Non-living:
    Viruses are exceptions to the cell theory, but they have some characteristics of living things. What is one of these characteristics?

     1.  They are made up of many specialized cells.

     2.  They contain genetic material.

     3.  They reproduce by mitosis.

     4.  They contain chlorophyll.
    (Answer:   2)
    Which formula represents an organic compound?

     1.  Mg(OH)2

     2.  NaCl

     3.  C12H22O11

     4.  NH3
    (Answer:  3)
    Which is an organic compound found in ALL cells?

     1.  glucose

     2.  water

     3.  sodium chloride

     4.  oxygen gas
    (Answer:  1) -- ** Reminder!!!!  To be considered "Organic", a molecule must contain CARBON AND HYDROGEN TOGETHER!
    Which are the four most abundant elements in living cells?

     1.  carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur

     2.  carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen

     3.  carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus

     4.  carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, magnesium
    (Answer:  2)  ** REMINDER!  PONCH!