• The Music Room rules are the same for each grade level.

    The purpose of these rules is to provide a safe learning environment for all students. 

    The students learn them in sign language so that they can understand hand signal reminders if needed.

    RULE # 1   [ Walk into the classroom and sit.]
                         (Sometimes there are instruments, etc. spread out in the room for special projects. It is important that the students enter the classroom safely
                           and await instructions for the lesson.)
    RULE # 2   [Hands off each other and the equipment]
                         (Students need to respect each other's space and instrument. They know everyone will have a turn once they are told what the day's lesson is.)
    RULE #3    [Speak your mind,but one at a time by raising your hand.]
                         (Student's statements and questions need to be expressed and heard for learning and understanding to occur.)