Opening Day Contract

  • Mr. Wood

    R. C. K.  Fine Arts

    Fall 2020

    To: Students Parents / Guardians 


    Studio in Art

    Broadcast Arts

    Media II, Media III

    Photo II,  Photo III

    Portfolio Development

    AP Art



    Course Description

    Course Requirements

    Course Expectations

    Welcome! By this time you should have read the Course Syllabi for your particular course. Passing of this course will be ONLY after successfully completing each of the Outcomes and Performance Indicators.

    You have chosen to be in this course.  Therefore, you are required to consistently perform in this course.  It is your responsibility to:

    1) Arrive to class promptly.

    2) Consistently attend class.  A weekly performance / participation grade will be given.  Personal “vacations” (skip days, family vacations while school is in session) are not acceptable and will be addressed as per the WCSD attendance policy.  If you are going to be absent for a significant period, please contact guidance and call my office @ 298-5100, ext. 149

    3) Productively participate everyday.  It will positively affect your achievement.

    4) Complete assignments on time; by deadline. DUE DATES ARE DUE DATES! Each project, when introduced, will receive a due date (deadline). It is expected and required the project will be completed and handed in by the end of the class period on that deadline date. Incomplete work will receive a grade from zero to 50. If you are absent, it is advised to contact the guidance department or my office to arrange to pick up work for home.

    5) Respect each other.

    6) Respect class materials. It is understood use of all materials, apps, programs, and equipment will be used for appropriate and constructive classroom assignments. Any misuse or inappropriate use of equipment will result in a severe teacher or administrator consequence which may include loss of equipment privileges or removal from course.

    7)  Respect yourself. Come prepared to do your best every day.  There is no free time blocked into this course.

    8)  Stay on Task.  Put down your phone while we are in class. Use of cell phones in class is not usually not necessary and is prohibited. They are a disruption of the educational process in this class.  Their use will not be tolerated, and may negatively impact your participation grade.

    These are minimum requirements. It is expected you will work beyond these minimum standards.

    Additional requirements specific to course:   Students are required to purchase and have with them at all times:

    -A pencil  and eraser   (ALL CLASSES)

    -A sketchbook or journal (Stido in ARt, AP, and Portfolio)

    -A flash drive or SD card of at least  8 gigabytes (ALL CLASSES; Advanced sections should be 8Gb or higher)

    -A notebook solely dedicated to this art course, with loose leaf paper and pockets for handouts (ALL CLASSES)

    Please completethe materials surcey in your Google classroom by 9/11/20. 


    All classes are required to maintain a portfolio for review at the end of the school year.  

    ALL work must be documented. Do not “give” work away during the year!

    Please contact me if there are any questions 298-5100, 7:30 am and 2:30pm.  

    Please complete the online Google version of this form by THIS Friday,

    September 14, 2020.
















    I have read all opening day material for this course and fully understand my responsibilities.


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