Code:                  F615                  Full Year                  (10-12)                  (1 credit)

    (rank weight 1.0)

    Prerequisite: Studio-In-Art/Photomedia, full year

    NOTE: Availability of equipment, student experience and interest will determine the area of greatest concentration.


    This course is designed to develop in students the advanced techniques and skills of the media arts.

    Areas of Study Include:

    • Development of advanced skills and techniques in areas such as:

    -Electronic imaging

    -Video production

    -Copier art

    -Creative sound

    -Computer graphics

    -Image transfer techniques

    -Animation (computer, stop-motion, claymation)

    -Portfolio development

    • Career options


    Assessment: Student evaluation is reflected in the art grade, a composite of a student’s participation and achievement in assignments and assessments.  The grade may be derived from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and observations, including students’ demonstration of criteria-based skills and techniques in art work, written critical analysis of art work, sketchbook, portfolio, and other assignments.


    For the complete NYS Core Curriculum for the Arts, see http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ciai/arts.html.