Tuesday, 2/11/20


    Monday, 2/10/20

    Lecture on Interitance of Recessive and Dominant Traits


    Friday, 2/7/20

    Punnett Square Lab


    Thursday, 2/6/20

    Began lecture on Punnett Squares and Inheritance.

    More Vocab to learn!


    Wednesday, 2/5/20

    More Mendel!  Pea plants and probability


    Tuesday, 2/4/20

    Basic Mendelian Genetics Lecture


    Monday, 2/3/20

    Vocab review for upcoming Genetics!


    Friday, 1/31/20




    Thursday, 1/30/20

    Cell Energy Lab & Review for Quiz

    Wednesday, 1/29/20

    Yeast Fermentation Lab - Quiz on Friday!


    Tuesday, 1/28/20

    Leaf Stomate lab and Photosynthesis Microslide Lab


    Monday, 1/27/20

    Recap Photosynthesis & Cell Respiration


    Monday, 1/20/20 - Friday, 1/24/20

    Regents Week


    Friday, 1/17/20

    Lab Make-up Day


    Thursday, 1/16/20

    Cell Respiration Notes & Mitochondira Origami


    Wednesday, 1/15/20

    Photosynthesis Notes & Chloroplast Origami


    Tuesday, 1/14/20

    Mitosis/Meiosis Quiz


    Monday, 1/13/20

    Review for Quiz tomorrow!


    Friday, 1/10/20

    Meiosis - Gametes


    Thursday, 1/9/20

    Mitosis into Meiosis (Quiz coming on Monday!)



    Wednesday, 1/8/20

    Animal & Plant Cell Mitosis Microslide Lab 


    Tuesday, 1/7/20

    Mitosis Color Cut Lab


    Monday, 1/6/20

    Mitosis Notes


    Friday, 1/3/20

    Discussed Genetics & Inheritance and why we're lucky we are diverse!

    (As were the actors in the movie Contagion!  It ensures our species with survive!)


    Thursday, 1/2/20

    Recap of Big Four & Contagion


    Monday, 12/23/19 - Wednesday, 1/1/20


    Winter Break!  ENJOY!


    Friday, 12/20/19



    Thursday, 12/19/19

    Video - Contagion


    Wednesday, 12/18/19

    DNA Sequencing / RNA Sequencing


    Tuesday, 12/17/19

    DNA-RNA Differences and Similarities


    Monday, 12/16/19


    Complete DNA Structure Lab


    Friday, 12/13/19

    DNA - Structure Lab


    Thursday, 12/12/19

    DNA Basics


    Wednesay 12/11/19

    Enzyme/Protein Quiz


    Tuesday, 12/10/19

    Enzyme cut and past lab -

    Review for quiz tomorrow


    Monday, 12/9/19

    Enzyme denaturing lab (liver and celery)


    Friday, 12/6/19


    Enzyme DeNaturing Lecture


    Thursday, 12/5/19

    Big Four Quiz!


    Wednesday, 12/4/19

    Review of Organic Macromolecules (Quiz Tomorrow)



    Tuesday, 12/3/19

     Organic Study Sheet (Quiz on Thursday)


    Monday 12/2/19

    Welcome Back!

    Recap of Organic Macromolecules 


    Wednesday - Friday

    Thanksgiving Break!


    Tuesday, 11/26/19

    Protein Structure - Amino Acid Chains


    Monday, 11/25/19

    Protein Lecture Notes


    Friday, 11/22/19

    Carb & Lipid Macromolecule Quiz


    Thursday, 11/21/19

    Lipid Structure Lab


    Wednesday, 11/20/19

    Carbohydrate Structure Lab


    Tuesday, 11/19/19

    More organic macromolecules


    Monday, 11/18/19

    Organic Macromolecules Lecture


    Friday, 11/15/19

    Diffusion Test


    Thursday, 11/14/19

    Reviewed Vocabulary and RQs for Diffusion Test tomorrow.


    Wednesday, 11/13/19

    Completed NYS Diffusion Lab Part 2.  Reviewed for Diffusion Test

    (Friday - SOOOOO - make sure you study!)


    Tuesday, 11/12/19

    Completed Analysis of NYS Lab Part 1 and began Part 2 - Viewing Plant

    Cells in two different mediums.  (Onions and Salt!)


    Monday, 11/11/19

    Veteran's Day.

    Thank a Veteran for their Service!


    Friday, 11/8/19

    LAST DAY of the Quarter!

    Completed NYS Lab Part 1 Procedure and Observations. 

    Began Analysis Questions


    Thursday, 11/7/19

    Continued NYS Lab Part 1


    Wednesday, 11/6/19

    NYS Diffusion Lab - Making a model cell from Kidney Dialysis Tubing.

    Demonstrating the 3 Rules of Diffusion


    Tuesday, 11/5/19

    Superintendent's Conference Day -

    Election Day.... Tell your parents to VOTE!


    Monday, 11/4/19


    Diffusion and Osmosis - Lecture notes


    Friday, 11/1

    Diffusion!  What's up with that Potato???


    Thursday, 10/31

    Happy Halloween!

    Image result for halloween memes

    Wednesday, 10/30

    Unit Test. 


    Tuesday, 10/29

    Reviewed for unit test tomorrow and began Cell Membrane lecture: 

    Life on the Edge


    Monday, 10/28

    Ms. C. was absent today.


    Friday, 10/25

    Prep for test next week - Unit 2 - cells and organelles


    Thursday, 10/24

    Cell Structure Microslide #58.  Viewing cell images through a microslide

    viewer helps us to recognize the differences in many cells.


    Wednesday, 10/23

    Pond Water!  Lots of Protists for us to see!  Algae and Paramecium galore! 


    Tuesday, 10/22

    Cell organelle quiz


    Monday, 10/21

    Prepped for Quiz tomorrow!


    Friday, 10/18

    Completed the plant vs. animal cell lab.  Worked on an organelle worksheet and

    Venn diagram.  Quiz next week!


    Thursday, 10/17

    Elodea anyone?  We viewed streaming chloroplasts in the leaves of the aquatic

    plant, Elodea.


    Wednesday, 10/16

    Plant Vs. Animal cells.  We scraped out cheek cells and made a smear.  We used

    Methylene Blue to help see the cells.


    Tuesday, 10/15

    Different types of cells make up all organisms.  Discussed the fact that every cell

    in our bodies is alive (on its own), but living and communicating to make tissues

    and organs which make US!


    Monday, 10/14

    Columbus Day - Schools are closed


    Friday, 10/11

    Finish STRANGER-C and begin Cell notes....  Short periods today....


    Excited All In GIF by University of North Dakota 


    Thursday, 10/10

    Living vs. Non-living lab.  Determining the Characteristics of Life




    Yom Kippur


    Tuesday, 10/8

    Introduction to the microscope "letter e lab" and "making a wet mount" from

    strips of comics.


    Monday, 10/7

    Microscopes to Cell Theory to Electron Scanning Microscopes.

    We viewed dozens of pictures from SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes) to see

    things in Nanoscale!


    Friday, 10/4

    Begin Microscope Basics...... From Safety to Total Magnification. 


    Thursday, 10/3

     Alka-Seltzer lab - Scientific Method and hypotheses!


    Wednesday, 10/2

    Unit 1 Test


    Tuesday, 10/1 

    I can't believe it's October already!  We reviewed for tomorrow's Unit 1 Test!

    Lab Safety, Senses, Observation vs. Inference, Scientific Method, Water & the pH scale

    and then completed an Alka Seltzer lab!  (Combining Scientific Method, Water, Buffers,

    pH and Indicators.)


    Monday, 9/30

    Rosh Hashanah!


    Friday, 9/27


    pH indicator Lab.  Each of the students tested over 20 household liquids - from Ammonia, to 

    vinegar, to hot sauce and 5-hour energy drink.  Each determined the approximate pH of the

    substance using an indicator.


    Thursday, 9/26

    What do you know about Acids, Bases and Buffers?  Today, the class took notes on the pH scale

    and learned that Acids and Bases are based on Water!


    Wednesday, 9/25

    Completed the water lab (counting drops on a penny... and then watching how "soap' destroys

    surface tension!)


    Tuesday, 9/24

    Water, Water, Everywhere!!! (Literally!)

    We began and completed a small note packet on the amazing properties of water!

    The class watched videos of Water Striders and the "Jesus Christ" Lizard -- learned about cohesion,

    adhesion and surface tension before beginning a Water Lab (floating paper clips... dragging water with

    toothpicks, etc...)


    Monday, 9/23

    M & M Lab.... Observing, sorting, collecting data... and then --- eating M & Ms!


    Friday, 9/20

    Completed notes on Scientific Method and the need to follow logical steps as well as scientific rules


    Thursday, 9/19

    Lecture on Scientific Method and Spontaneous Generation...

    Maggots anyone??????


    Wednesday, 9/18

    Naming the Species TRIANGULUM!

    Using Dichotomous Keys, we classified 20 different species of Triangulum

    (a fictitious alien organism)


    Tuesday, 9/17


    We utilized a Dichotomous Key to appropriately name the minions!


    Monday, 9/16

    Completed 2 regents graphs.

    Began Classification notes and discussion of Dichotomous Keys


    Friday, 9/13

    Completed the Mystery Box Lab.

    Began discussion of Graphing - and what the Regents Board Requires.

    Started to graph a few samples from prior regents exams.


    Thursday, 9/12

    Began Mystery Boxes Lab!  We used our senses (minus the sense of sight) to "observe" and make

    inferences about what might be contained in several sealed boxes.


    Wednesday, 9/11

    A moment of Silence for the victims of 9/11/2001.

    The class began notes on Observation vs. Inference.

    We learned about sewer lice and consuming insects as a good source of protein... ALL tying into

    observation VS. inference!



    Tuesday, 9/10

    Began Optical Illusions and how our senses can be fooled!

    The class completed the Optical Illusions Lab.


    Monday, 9/9

    Completed the Phenomena Lab.

    Discussed the five senses.


    Friday, 9/6

    Our first lab:  Phenomena Stations

    We discussed good science vs. bad science.  We moved through 10 stations with "phenomena" 

    pictures, which each student attempted to explain.

    We learned of the "Alien Monster" in Panama as well as the "Montauk Monster" and more!

    We discussed the word "bias" and discussed the need to respect answers offered by our fellow



    Thursday, 9/5

    Welcome back!

    Today was all about getting to know one another and going over some rules and expectations.  

    I explained that there is a minimum lab hour requirement in order to take the Regents exam in June.  

    If a student has not successfully completed the minimum requirement, they cannot take the exam and

    will be forced to repeat the course.

    Homework tonight is to have the lab safety sheet and the contact sheet signed by a parent/guardian.

    The only supplies you need is a three-ring binder for your science notes.  This will be kept in the classroom

    until each topic/unit is completed.  You may then take your notes home to review for quizzes/tests.