Financial Math                                                           

    Roy C. Ketcham High School                                               

    Ms. Noye                                                                   



    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome!  The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the goals,

    expectations, and rules for this class.  It also contains a list of

    materials that each student will need to help have a successful school year

    as well as a break down of the grading system.



    Financial Math is a full year course designed to give students an

    understanding of the fundamentals of Financial Math as it relates to real

    world applications. The study of Financial Math will include topics such as:


    • Problem Solving
    • Gross Income and Net Income
    • Checking Accounts & Savings
    • Cash Purchases
    • Credit Cards
    • Loans
    • Automobile Transportation
    • Housing Costs
    • Insurance and Investments
    • Recordkeeping
    • Personnel
    • Production
    • Purchasing & Sales
    • Marketing
    • Warehouse & Distribution
    • Accounting & Accounting Records
    • Financial Management
    • Inflation


    Financial Math should provide students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to better function as informed citizens and consumers in today’s world. 


    Classroom expectations:

    1.         Be Prompt.

    2.         Be Prepared.

    3.         Be Productive and Cooperative.

    4.         Be Polite and Respectful.





    Step 1:             Verbal warning.

    Step 2:             Students will be required to stay after class to discuss


    Step 3:             Parent/Guardian will be contacted.  Student referral slip will be


    Step 4:             Administrative involvement including meeting with




    Materials Needed:

               Folder or binder to hold loose-leaf and handouts

               Notebook / Paper


               Simple calculator (available at Dollar Stores, Walmart, etc.) to be used for

                homework – calculators will be available for in class use


    Assessment / Grading:

    Exams                                     45%

    Homework                              20%    

    Quizzes                                   20%

    Class work & Participation     15%


    Exams:  If a student is absent with a legal pass on the day of a test, he or she

    will be expected to take a make-up test.  ALL MAKE UPS WILL BE AFTER SCHOOL. 


    Homework:  Homework is expected to be complete and legible and will be

    graded as either a 0 or 100 based on if you did the homework or not, wrong

    answers are not counted against you. ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT!!!!


    Quizzes:  There will be at least one quiz a week – some announced and some of them “pop” quizzes.


    Classwork & Participation:  You need to be in class, prepared (i.e., books,

    paper, pen, calculator) and complete all assigned work and participate in



    Extra Help:

    I am available for extra help during periods 2, 6 & 7 and after school,

    please see me to arrange.


    Parent/Guardian comments or concerns are important and are welcome.  The

    cooperation of student as well as the parent/guardian is appreciated.  I may

    be contacted at:Karen.Noye@wcsdny.org or 845-298-5100 x31046