Every night:


    Reading: Read for 20 minutes! Students should stop and jot (write down important details on their sticky notes).  They may also use RAZ kids or iready.


    Math: Study facts for 5 minutes! Students can use flash cards, online games, iready math or xtra math.


    * students should be working on these skills 5/7 days, at least! 


    Homework Expectations  


    Dear Parents and Caregivers,

    After some research, and organizing of my own thoughts, it seems clear that that hometime should revolve around family (i.e.  eating together, attending after school events, chatting about the school day, reading together, playing together, etc.)  If I can do anything to free up some hometime, to allow for some of these important moments, I am certainly going to try.  That’s why this year, homework will look quite different in room 14.

     This year, homework will include:

    any unfinished classwork- This will only come home if most students completed the assignment during the day.  This will ensure that they do not fall behind in the classroom. This is expected to be completed independently, unless noted on the assignment.

    Reading Log- Your child is expected to read independently 20 minutes per night (at least 5x per week).  Please help them to complete their reading log nightly.  Each week, we will have a reading response sentence starter.  Please refer to your child's planner in order to help them complete their assignment.  Most likely, whatever the reading response is for home, we are learning that at school! 

    Math Log- Students are required to study facts for at least 5 minutes a night! We have many different ways of studying that include, but aren't limited to, xtra math, multiplication.com, flash cards, iready, etc. 

    Weekly Vocabulary List- Your child will be given a vocabulary test every Friday. They are expected to study their words weekly to prepare for their test.  We will work on vocabulary concepts in class.


    Projects- Every once in awhile projects will be assigned.  These are intended to be completed “mostly” independently, however you’re encouraged to assist your children through the process and help with some finishing touches.   (Some of my fondest memories as a kid came from working with my parents on a project).

    Test study guides- Given before most tests, students will also be able to use any class notes to assist them in studying.  


    If you break it all down, students will be studying for vocabulary, math facts and reading each night- not, too shabby.  As stated before, I am hopeful that this type of “homework” has a positive impact on your child both as a learner and as a person.  Thank you in advance for your support!