•         ELA Syllabus

     Dear Student,

       Welcome to sixth grade ELA. I hope you will have a fun, exciting and challenging year.   Below are a few important guidelines, rules, and information that will help you navigate through a successful year!

    * This year, we are aligning with the Common Core State StandardsFor more information on the new Common Core State Standards, please visit the following web sites: wcsdny.org (Go to District Offices, Curriculum and Instruction, and then Common Core Standards)

     *Classroom expectations and procedures/Activities/Recommended & Required Materials for class:

    • Daily Lesson

    We will be incorporating pieces of the Reader's & Writer's workshop into our curriculum, along with  an array of free choice reading books, mentor texts, read alouds and close reads. There will be a mini-lesson each day, and then students will disperse into their individual reading books, book clubs, and/or guided reading groups for independent or group practice; with an additional focus on writing, grammar, and mechanics.

    • Extra Help

    Extra help can be given to students who seek the teacher out during the first few minutes of lunch or during your study hall time.

    • Homework

    You are required to read a book of your choice at least four (4) nights out of the week for at least 15 minutes and to complete and sign your Reading Log.  There will be weekly assessments that will check for quality, effort, critical thinking and deeper understanding of the novels. Homework must be written neatly into your planner daily. Parents can check for accuracy on the team’s website (see wcsdny.org)

            Homework must be:

    ·         Be done neatly in print or cursive

    ·         Use complete sentences

    ·         Be written in ink or typed if it is a final copy of a written assignment

    ·         Be complete (do all assigned problems)

    Quality homework must be turned in on the day and time that it is due. Any missing homework will receive a zero. If you receive a zero, your teacher will stamp your planner with “Homework Not Complete” to remind yourself to complete it as well as to bring your parents’ attention to the missing or incomplete assignment. If the work is done but is left in your locker, it is still considered missing and you will receive a zero as you are not allowed to visit your locker during class. All zeros given for missing homework can be made up for half credit within two days. (This of course does not apply if you have been absent.)

    ***Studies have shown that students who fail are usually the ones that do not do homework on a consistent basis.

    ·         Absent policy

    It is your responsibility to see your teacher for any work that you owe. If you are out for one day, call a friend. If you are out for more than one day, parents must call the school to request work from the teacher that can be picked up at the end of the school day or sent home with a friend or neighbor. Parents can also email the ELA teacher to request homework, especially if it is for one days absence.   


    We are very excited to be beginning this school year. We hope that you are also. We expect you to do your best at all times. We consider ourselves to be fair teachers. If you are having a problem, please discuss it with one of us. Most times we can come up with a simple solution or compromise that we can both be satisfied with. Don’t worry needlessly when we’re right here for you. Remember- an occasional apple (or dark chocolate) for the teacher… always helps. We look forward to having a great year with all of you.


    Mrs. Horton

     Teacher contact information: If you have a question or concern about any of the above information, please write a note in the planner or email me and I'll get back to you asap. Email is usually the best way to communicate.