Dear Parents and Kindergartners,                    

              Welcome to Kindergarten!  Here is a list of supplies you will need for the first day of school!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!    

                                     Hybrid Learning                                                Virtual

    • 1 box of pencils – please sharpen - (Ticonderoga preferred)             
    • 8 boxes of crayons (box of 8 preferred)                              Pencils
    • 10 glue sticks                                                                            Box of crayons
    • 2 large boxes of tissues                                                          Scissors (fiskar preferred)
    • 1 box of Ziploc baggies (quart or gallon)                             2 dry erase markers
    • 1 container of baby/antibacterial wipes                              2 glue sticks
    • 1 package of 4 thin, low odor dry erase markers (expo preferred)
    • 2 pocket folders
    • 1 box of washable markers                                                                       
    • 1 composition book (not spiral bound)  
    • 1 pair of headphones - labeled in a Ziploc bag                                                
              You also need to have a healthy snack (in a lunch box) and a backpack with you every day!

                                                              See you soon! 


                                                               Mrs. Turi