Honors CC Algebra 2                                    

    This course is an honors level course that encompasses Algebra 2 topics

    and some precalculus topics.  Students will take the Algebra 2 Common Core Regents June 2020.
    The passing of this Regents Exam is a requirement toward an advanced regents diploma.


                   Materials:                             a three ring binder, A spiral notebook, or a composition book

                                                               pocket folder for handouts, & quizzes.

                                                               pens, pencils, personal manual sharpener,

                                                                 and a personal hole punch (recommended but not required).

                                                               TI – 84 graphing calculator (highly recommended but not required).


    Preparation for class: 

              Your participation will be evident in how you keep notes and contribute to in class activities.

              Notes, worksheets, etc… should be kept in chronological order for each topic (unit/module).

              Homework should have a heading that includes date, page number 

              (or title of worksheet), etc.

              It is expected that a student will have the above mentioned supplies and

              completed homework on a daily basis.     

              A graphing calculator will be supplied during class, but a student with access

              to a graphing calculator for homework has a better advantage. 

    Homework:  Homework is assigned almost daily.

                         Every homework assignment will reflect material covered in class. 

                         Review your notes and model problems in the text.

                         Refer to give internet links for added insight. 

                         Come to extra Help at the onset of any difficulties.  

                         Attempt to do all problems.  

                                    *No credit will be given for answers only.

                                    Partial credit is given when original problem is written and an attempt is made.

                                    *Late assignments are not accepted.


                   **When you are absent from class, you are responsible for work missed and

                       must make up all missed homework. For long term absences, contact the guidance office

                      and arrange to pick up missed assignments.
    Grading:     Your quarterly grade will be based upon the total number of points you earn from homework, quizzes, tests, misc., and class activities divided by the total possible points and multiplied by 100 to obtain a percentage grade.

                                   Ex.  Misc. class activities               8/10

                                         Mini - Quiz #1                      10/10

                                         Mini - Quiz #2                        8/10

                                         Quiz #3                                 45/50

                                         Homework                             12/15
     Final grade:  (8 + 10 + 8 + 45 + 12) / 95 (total possible points) * 100 = 87.36 or 87%


    Extra Help:  extra help is once a week see website weekly or by appt. 

    Email:          tawna.egan@wcsdny.org