Hello Families,
    All future assignments will be posted on Google Classroom until further notice.
    Thank you,
    Theresa Stowell
    Reasons for Homework:
    1. Homework reinforces concepts taught and improves skills.
    2. Homework prepares the student for the next day's lesson. Students are ready to be active participants.
    3. Homework promotes independent work habits.
    4. Homework facilitates the home/school connection. 
    5. Homework teaches responsibility and accountability.


    Daily Homework:

    Read for at least 20 minutes and sign log.

    Review Multiplication Facts

    20 minutes of iReady (Math) every Tuesday

     20 minutes of iReady (ELA) every Thursday


    March 2, 2020

    1. Read 30 minutes and log (Bookopoly)

    2. Math Decimal Test Wednesday

    3. Math worksheet Even #s

        Weekly Warm up Correct and Sign 

        Weekly Warm up due Wednesday

    4. iReady 30 minutes ELA and Math weekly

    5. Crazy Sock Day March 20




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































     iReady Math 30 minutes - Every Wednesday

     iReady ELA 30 minutes    - Every Thursday