• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the schedule for specials?
    Music is on Days 1 & 4
    Physical Education is on Days 2 & 5
    Art is on Days 3 & 6
    Library is on Day 5 
    Do students get to eat a snack?
    Yes, We have lunch at 1:05 so we will be having our snack in the morning.  Usually right after special at 11:30.  Even though we eat an early snack, it is still important for your child to eat a good breakfast and a HEALTHY snack.  Please send your child in with a HEALTHY snack every day.  No drinks please.  Students are allowed to keep a water bottle on their desks at all times - UNLESS THAT BOTTLE BECOMES A DISTRACTION.  
    Does my child need anything for school?
    Each child should have received a supply list of items needed for school.  If you need another copy, just let me know.  Generally, children will need a continuing supply of pencils and glue sticks, so keep a supply on hand.  Check with your child often to see if their crayons or markers need replacing.
    How can I best help my child be successful in school?
    The best way for you to help your child is to make sure they get enough sleep and eat a good breakfast.  Providing a healthy snack and lunch will help him/her maintain their focus all day in class.  Encourage your child to always try to do their best work and ASK QUESTIONS IF THEY ARE CONFUSED.
    Can my child celebrate their birthday in class?
    The birthday celebrations are back in the classrooms.  Please call, send me a note, or email a few days before you would like to celebrate so that I can build it into the schedule.  Please be aware that you should only send in enough treats for our class as students will not be allowed to hand out extras.  Also, please note that we do have an allergy (artificial butter); so consider that when choosing your treats and/or label them with the ingredients.  As always, please be sure to send in plates or napkins for the treat.