Wappingers Central School District


Empower. Challenge. Grow.

    Hello PTA Members, Parents, Community Leaders and District Administration!  
    Council Sponsored Events: 
    ·        Council Executive Board meets twice per year
    ·        Establish monthly council meeting date schedule
    o   Meet at different school location each month
    o   Local PTA Unit and School Principal host
    ·        Superintendent’s office represented at each meeting
    ·        Council sponsors the following activities:
    o   District wide Spelling Bee
    o   Host the District’s Budget Presentation (May)
    o   Meet the Candidate’s Night (May)
    o   Budget Vote - Distribute stickers only (May)
    o   Year End Dinner (June)
    ·        Nomination committee presents slate of officers
    ·        Awards and Recognitions

    The benefits to join the PTA Council gives you direct contact to the Superintendent’s office, access to each school principal and PTA units.
    An officer position with PTA Council is not an overwhelming task; the time commitment averages 1-3 hours per month.  Involvement with Council provides a great opportunity to learn of district wide activities,
     plus the exposure and knowledge you gain is invaluable. 
    The Council role also comes in handy if you have children at multiple schools.
    Please consider joining the PTA Council for 2014-2015 and encourage your PTA officers to be involved, in order to continue to strive for excellence in our education system. 
    Thank you for your support of PTA!  We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!!   
    Kelley Lewis
    PTA Council President 2013-2014




    Taconic Region PTA   Please  find more information at taconicrd@nyspta.org  

    Monica Metty,
    Director, Taconic Region PTA -   

    The mission of the Taconic Region PTA is to help all the units and members with any issues.  The following information was reviewed, and please contact Monica directly with any questions: 

    · Do’s and Don’ts for PTA units: Refer to and Know your GUIDE BOOK!!
    · Every board member should have a copy of the finance section that includes “red” and “green” light approved events and guidelines.
    · As a board, if your unit makes a purchase for the school and an accident happens then the unit can be sued. There are ways the PTA units can donate or gift money so that it takes the possibility of an incident from PTA and gives the ownership to district.  The monies should be donated to the district and complete a form in good faith with the district saying this money was given to be used for a specific purpose.  Taconic Region school districts have always honored this agreement.
    · All members can log in to the Taconic/ regional website and get many pages of info.  The login number should be on your PTA membership card, but if you don’t have it, please contact your president for the code.
    · There are certain big items that PTA’s should not purchase for the schools [such as playgrounds, computers, etc.].  Some parent groups have started 401-C3 accounts to raise money for things like this, but any monies should not go through the PTA account. 
    · Student permission slips should be kept on file for 7 years!  The PTA units should collect permission slips for all events whenever parents are not present.  If the PTA has an event, then every parent is either with their child or signed papers should be received from every parent if they are not attending the event.
    · PTA units should never issue 1099’s --- and should not be given for any employees.  If your PTA unit hires a company for an Arts In Education program, it is different because they should be listed as DBA.  If the contracts are not completed properly, then the PTA unit WOULD BE responsible for paying taxes, Social Security, and medical benefits.  The IRS takes this issue very seriously.    
    · Reminder to make sure that the PTA units file taxes each year.  If your PTA does not file taxes, then the unit could be shut down, and the money would not be available to your unit anymore.  The next PTA unit would have to re-apply and the remaining funds get transferred to NYS PTA. 
    · FOLLOW YOUR BY LAWS, such as voting for new board, etc.  The PTA unit may have to have a vote if there is no one running for an elected office.  The announcement of a vote must be given 30 days in advance and at vote time you can ask for nominations from the floor.  All PTA units should follow Robert’s Rules when running meetings.   
    Programs designed for students K – 5th grade
    Lisa DiMarzo - impact EDUCATION

    Starting with 5 Senses in Kindergarten, Hudson River program, Water Cycle game, Pond Life, Web of Life, Star Lab, and Saratoga Battle of Revolution. 
    · Lisa enjoys seeing the student’s progress and grow from each year.
    Previously, an Educator at Mid Hudson Children’s Museum. Lisa has a Master’s in Elementary Education and is also a parent in the district. impact EDUCATION is a way to offer hands-on kinesthetic activities that address how the children learn and these programs help enhance curriculum when the district has cut field trips and other activities.
    Provided information and flyer to the attendees regarding the programs that are offered to the schools. 
    · Please contact her at:  lisadimarzo55@gmail.com for more information.