•  Good Afternoon!  Read! It is hard for me to believe that in a few days room 220 will be filled again with the dynamic energy of new students whose expectations and hopes will progress to the realization that hard work and responsible behavior help to make their expectations for success real.  I watch as they empower themselves!  Likewise, my own expectations and hopes turn into workable strategies and activities that encourage thought, discussion, and written response. 
    One of my first encouragements is to tell them that the texts we read do not mean anything without them, and that it is their understanding and their thoughts that bring a text to life.
    I say this to them as they begin to think of themselves as readers and writers.  My gesture creates a comfort zone wherein they can build a more natural voice as they learn to analyze an author's craft, whether it be a narrative or an expository piece.  I want them to like what they are writing because they know what they are talking about.  
    Lastly, I am looking forward to the energy the students bring to their own learning because it is within that context that we all learn! Please know that I will answer any questions...edith.ash@wcsdny.org   
    I am looking forward to working with you all.
    Ms. Ash