• Book Cat
    Research has shown that reading aloud to your child can increase their vocabulary, improve their attention span along with stimulating their imagination. It also has been demonstrated that it can improve their problem solving skills and their critical thinking skills.

    What books should I read with my child?

    By clicking on the link below you will find a suggested list of books to read with your child before entering kindergarten…and during the school year.

    Here are some hints for reading books aloud.

    • Make reading time special. Find a cozy, comfortable place to read together.
    • Introduce the author and illustrator.
    • Talk about the book! Ask questions about what they liked or did not like. You can also ask them to tell you about the characters or where the story took place.
    • Be sure to show the pictures while you read. Ask them what they liked about the pictures or what they didn’t like.
    • Read with expression.
    • If they are able, take turns reading to each other.