-FOR 6TH GRADERS-

    Next Fall, as a 7th grader, your child will have the opportunity to try out for interscholastic sports at Wappingers Junior High if they are interested.  Interscholastic sports are school sponsored team sports that compete against teams from other schools in the area. (Not to be confused with intramurals).

    In order to try out, there is a process that needs to be completed.
    1. You must complete and sign a “Health History” form and an “Interscholastic Athletic Consent” form.
      1. These forms are currently available in the Kinry Health Office and on line for printing.
      2. Only 1 “Health History” needs to be completed per year (per physical).
      3. 1 “Interscholastic Athletic Consent” form needs to be completed for each sport; each season.

         2.  These forms should be completed and submitted to the Kinry Health Office as soon as possible.

                Due to the large number of students interested in interscholastic sports, if there is a chance that your child will want to try out for a fall sport at the Junior High, or even if they aren’t sure which sport they might want to try out for, it is advisable that you complete and submit the paper work to the Kinry Health Office as soon as possible.

    1. Your child will need a physical examination.
    The physical can be completed by any of the following three methods:

    1. This can be done in the Kinry Health Office by the District physician during the Spring.  It would be done during school hours and there is no charge.  There is no blood work or other lab work associated with an in school physical and the children are fully clothed during this exam.  
    2. The physical may be completed at a Healthquest office (District Physician): 

                  Wappingers- 1530 Rt. 9-Phone- (845) 297-2511

                   LaGrangeville- 1100 Rt. 55-Phone- (845) 485-4455
     You will need to call in advance to make an appointment specifically for a sports physical.
          c.  You may choose to have your child's sports physical completed by your private physician.  Once, completed, it must be submitted to the school Health Office for review by the District physician for determination of eligibility to participate in the specific sport.
        d.  An athletic physical is valid for 12 months.
     If your child's sports physical is completed > 30 days before the beginning of the sports, you will need to complete and sign the "Interval Health History- 30 day card" within 30 days prior to the beginning of that sports season.  These forms are available from the junior high Health Office or the individual coach.

         The interscholastic sports offered at the Junior High are as follows:

                 a.    Fall – Girls:  Cheerleading, Volleyball, & Field Hockey
                                  Boys:  Soccer
      1. Winter -  Girls:  Cheerleading & Basketball
               Boys:  Basketball & Wrestling
      1. Spring – Girls:  Softball & Soccer
                                     Boys:  Baseball
                                     Coed: Track & Field

    3. In addition to the above listed sports, there are a few High School sports available to those select junior high students with exceptional athletic abilities. 

    1. Please call Ms. Gray at the Kinry Health Office so that the specific instructions and extra forms may be provided if you are interested in a high school sport.


    Please call Ms. Gray in the Kinry Health Office you have any questions regarding interscholastic sports.


    463-7322 ext. 15005.